How to create big charm in a small nursery

BIG is not always better, and nowhere is this more true than when designing your baby’s nursery. Baby’s don’t need to take up too much space in your home, and cosy is well… cosy! A small nursery can be beautiful and practical with planning and awesome inspiration. Here are some ideas and photos of small baby rooms to get those creative juices flowing!

  • Measure and plan before buying furniture. Rooms tend to look larger when they are empty, so it will be worthwhile measuring the space first. Research the type of furniture you would like, and make sure it fits before buying! You’ll need some space to move around even if the nursery is tiny.
  • Use up to 3 basic colors and a neutral background. The nursery below looks crisp and clean.
  • Think comfort. That oversize rocking chair just makes you want to snuggle up and sing a lullaby!
  • Use stripes to give the impression of more space. Yellow stripes on the floor rug give an impression of a wider room. The vertical stripes painted on the wall appear to add height.
  • White furniture keeps the small nursery from feeling cluttered.
  • Use small print on the drapes and soft furnishings. The drapes below are lovely and don’t overwhelm the space.
Yellow NurseryDesign: Alykhan Velji Designs
  • Create a wow factor. The wooden slats on this wall look amazing – and again they make the nursery look wider than it is.
  • Bring natural light into the nursery. The wooden wall is dark, yet the room’s neutral colors and light furniture make it bright and happy.
Design: S2 architects
  • Add charm! The small nursery below is all white, yet just oozes charm.
  • Use clever storage ideas. There are so many good ideas hidden in this small nursery. The owner has created lots of storage options by using vertical space. Look at that amazing cupboard on the left, and the clever rail under the shelf for hanging tiny dresses!
  • Find beautiful accessories. This nursery is jam-packed full of them!
Design: fastighetsbyran
  • Use multi-purpose zones. In the nurseries below the owners have used the closet as a convenient place for a change table or crib. There is still plenty of space for baby clothes. The shelf at the top provides more space for storing diapers and other baby ‘stuff’.
  • Use baskets and other softer options for storage to make the nursery cozier.
Change table Closet
Kate Collins Interiors
  • Keep furniture to a minimum.The nursery below is a tiny but beautiful space. It consists of only a crib and storage unit, yet is practical for this family. The use of dark colors is bold (and contradictory to some of the tips above) but it just works! And those animals and paper ornaments are out-of-this-world gorgeous!
Pink and Brown nursery
Design: Jennifer Pebbles
  • Personalize the room with gorgeous artwork. Personality just shines through in this small nursery. The vertical space has been well used to house both a closet and cube unit so floor space isn’t compromised. The rug grounds the room, and the pelican artwork is so unusual. Natural light floods the room, yet full drapes and a blind ensure that the nursery can be darkened during the day.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Are you inspired to start creating? For more ideas on nursery room decor, visit our Pinterest page, where we are collecting some beautiful nursery room ideas.

Oh – and please don’t forget – rules are meant to be broken…

Happy planning!

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