Our story: How we began a little nursery wall art company.


Remember how you felt when you saw your baby for the very first time? The amazing ultrasound photo that tugged at your heartstrings!

Did you see the heart beating a gazillion times a minute, that tiny thumb being sucked or those little arms and legs thrashing? Perhaps you were lucky enough to see a yawn or even a “smile”. No doubt it brought new meaning to the saying “Love at first sight”.

That first photo deserves to be preserved and displayed in a beautiful way. That’s why we started Koodle Kids. To help you create a piece of art that will bring back special memories each time it is seen on the nursery room wall.

We have recently added to our collection, creating some unique art pieces that will give your nursery a beautiful, personal feel that you will remember when the patter of tiny feet has been replaced by the awkward hugs of a teenager!

We are a small, caring company dedicated to helping you find the perfect art to decorate your nursery wall.